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MY 2 CENTS WORTH - HomeBuilder Scheme

A brilliant initiative announced by the Federal Government to stimulate the building industry during COVID to create/retain jobs, which...

How we can help you Consolidate Debt?

Debt consolidation is the process of combining a number of different debts into a single loan, in order to help improve your overall...

Finance Options for Home Renovations

The costs of any renovation project, large or small, can significantly add up. Finding funding for your home renovation in advance can...

Should You Consolidate Your Debt?

Debt consolidation involves rolling all of your debts such as home loans, credit card bills and personal loans into a single, combined...

Looking to Invest in Property or Land?

If you are wanting to grow your wealth, buying property or land is a great way to start. Whether you decide to purchase a residential or...

Adding Value Through Renovation

Whether you're thinking of adding a pool for the summer heat or updating your bathroom, renovation can add both monetary and practical...

Owner-Occupied versus Investment Loans.

When you buy a home, whether it is classified as owner-occupied or investment depends on your intentions behind buying the property.

The Benefits of Refinancing Your Home Loan

If you weren’t thinking of refinancing your home loan, you may want to think again. With the help from our team, you could save thousands.

Cash Rate Slashed to New Record Low

The RBA has once again cut the official cash rate to a new record low of 1%! This is fantastic news for those with variable rate mortgages.

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